Steer clear of bad legal services

Endorse the good ones in Patong, Phuket
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This website is dedicated to everyone who either has had anything to do with legal services, hired a lawyer or has a friend with a story they want to share here so that others may avoid the worst lawyers and legal services here in Phuket. But certainly, if you have had a pleasant and professional encounter with legal matters of your own that you would like to share with others - this would be the place to do so and all contributions are shared anonimously.

Your stories will prove invaluable to anyone looking to learn more about the performance and service quality of the legal service providers operating in Phuket, which can be found on this website. It is our belief that in time, as the contribution stories grow and if there is enough interest in this subject, we will be able to force a natural selection in the market;

forcing the bad ones out and helping the ones that are truly worthy of their respective titles, be it Lawyer, Legal Service Provider, Accountant, Consultant etc.

It is hard to find good service and accountability, aka professionals, in nearly all areas of society in Thailand.

The work ethics and standards of what you are used to in your own country will undoubtedly be better than here.

That is just a sad but true fact about the situation here.

But the ones who really lose out are Thais themselves.

In our experience there seems to be a very well-founded mistrust among Thai people when asked about their history with Lawyers or Legal Services and what they know or have heard from others often paints a grim picture of corruption, accountability issues, overpricing and downright unprofessional attitudes.

With your help we are destined to turn the tide and attain accountability and professional services which benefits everyone in need. Which is something that is sorely needed down here.






The Mission