Author Topic: Information regarding visarun to Ranong  (Read 490 times)

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I tried to bring this topic up with a post on Thaivisa but they just took it down. Maybe it was not considered valuable information.
Whatever the reason, I DO think it is important and that is why I am sharing this here so that people doing Ranong visaruns can have the opportunity to avoid a barely ever talked about scheme going on with the boatsmen.
It may be recognized as corruption.. or a scam, but in reality; BOTH, as you will see shortly. I cannot say for sure how many people but there are definitely atleast 3 people in on this scam. And here is what happens:

Whether you arrive on your own or with a visarun company, there will be boatsfolk waiting to get their claws into you as soon as you set foot in the Ranong Immigration docks. They will try to tell people they have to pay a fee to immigration, even told me it was straight up corruption money. But this was apparently to avoid any problems with immigration. They need a reason, you know.
I was sad to see a few people pay but these guys seem like the type of people who would get pissed and even physical if you call them out and inform others infront of their faces. I hope he was just lying but one time this guy in a blue shirt(with white text) told me another girl paid 1k baht and that I only had to pay 300. I just tell him no until the sorry sodd buggers off.
People who haven't gone before or particularly people with language barriers, those are the ones they succeed with mostly.
Now, once you get back to the Ranong port you may very well witness one of these boatsmen heading over to a military officer and hand them a bag. That certainly has a stench of corruption oozing out of it. But that can't easily be proven now can it. Maybe it is just an errand. Who knows.

All you can do is be in the know. Now you know, you're ready for your visa run to Ranong.


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Oy, sounds like more common thai practice to me! I don't really know if this is the case everywhere but I bet there are similar situations at all border checkpoints.