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Endorse the good ones in Patong, Phuket
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 Our Experiences

Want to share your story?


Your story may be crucial in preventing bad lawyers

from operating freely and without consequence...

so get the word out there so that others will be able to

make informed decisions and avoid getting burned by

unserious, unprofessional or overpriced law practices

when choosing a lawyer on the island of Phuket.




    Let's share


The purpose of this website is to give people staying in Phuket a hub for sharing their experiences with legal services and lawyers, particularly in Patong, as there seems to be next to nothing out there and that is because it has barely been shared - UNTIL NOW!


This information will prove invaluable for anyone wanting to find out which lawyers to avoid and which ones are actually worth your time, money and trust.


There are many uses for a lawyer and they also offer accounting and consulting services. Whether your legal history in phuket involves such services or civil law suits, be sure to send in your experience so that we can put it on public display. It is our belief that, over time, this will put pressure on these legal services and lawyers alike to truly need to offer the best that they can or otherwise go the way of the Dodo.