Nanai rd

Location: Nanai Rd, Patong
Regarding: Legal Services
Year: Undisclosed

A while back I went to get some help with an issue regarding some document signatures involving a thai that was not in the country.
Sure enough they could help with that and even spoke with the person from whom I wanted to get a signature.
After a while it came to the matter of money, which I had of course already anticipated.
I did a 50/50 where they got 50 now and 50 after the signed docs arrived.
So a after a while the docs arrive and everything seems in order… except one page is missing.
Can you guess who messed up and somehow forgot it when sending it to the out of country recipient?
I wouldn’t have thought it possible but there it was, clearly possible and now we had to get another signature,
which I ultimately had to pay extra for… read more

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