Location: Nanai Rd, Patong
Regarding: Legal Services
Year: Undisclosed

A while back I went to get some help with an issue regarding some document signatures involving a thai that was not in the country.
Sure enough they could help with that and even spoke with the person from whom I wanted to get a signature.
After a while it came to the matter of money, which I had of course already anticipated.
I did a 50/50 where they got 50 now and 50 after the signed docs arrived.
So a after a while the docs arrive and everything seems in order… except one page is missing.
Can you guess who messed up and somehow forgot it when sending it to the out of country recipient?
I wouldn’t have thought it possible but there it was, clearly possible and now we had to get another signature,
which I ultimately had to pay extra for… read more

Phuket Legal Consulting

Location: Nanai Rd, Patong
Regarding: Multiple Jobs
Year: 2013-2015

I was recommended KD through a friend who was using them for accounting/tax/SS and used them likewise for my own business, among other things.

When the time came for selling the business I had them make a special contract for a split down payment deal(50% now, 50% in 6 months), specifically to safeguard myself in the event something came up for that second payment. Sidenote: I did not decide on this lightly and KD did advise a one-off payment before coming up with the solution used. Obviously, that would have been great but there weren’t many takers and this was low season, which is a bad time to sell certain businesses due to there being less people around, obviously . On the day of the signing we manage to get it done right before I had to leave Phuket. All was fine except I later noticed they had messed up the second payment date and this was later changed and signed by both parties. read more

KD Business

Location:  Prabaramee Road, Patong
Regarding: Visa/Work Permit
Year:      2014

Just wanted to share my experience with A1 regarding help with a visa(Non B). I needed help getting all the documentation ready and went for the Visa in Savannakhet, Laos. Everything went smoothly and I managed to get a speedy processing(there are people outside the embassy who offer to help, for a fee, of course). They delivered my passport back at my hotel in the evening and the price was 6000 THB, which I guess is steep but can help alot if you are applying on a Friday, as I did. So, not a bad trip but I might say they have some pretty bad roads over there in Laos… read more

A1 Legal Services

Location: Nanai Rd, Patong
Regarding: Civil Lawsuit
Year: 2012-2013

This one is going out as a stark warning to whom it may concern. The overall performance I experienced over at Phuket Legal can be summarized into one word: Nightmare… Never at any point did I feel there was any professionalism behind the work done and I have serious doubts that any of the 2 office folks have a lawyers degree, yet that is the claim. If so, anyone can be a lawyer here. I guess they got them for cheap online. If you love constant delays on everything all the time without exception, then this here is your go to lawyer. read more

Phuket Legal Consulting