Phuket Legal Consulting

Location: Nanai Rd, Patong
Regarding: Civil Lawsuit
Year: 2012-2013


This one is going out as a stark warning to whom it may concern. The overall performance I experienced over at Phuket Legal can be summarized into one word: Nightmare… Never at any point did I feel there was any professionalism behind the work done and I have serious doubts that any of the 2 office folks have a lawyers degree, yet that is the claim. If so, anyone can be a lawyer here. I guess they got them for cheap online. If you love constant delays on everything all the time without exception, then this here is your go to lawyer.

I always had to contact them for every little thing if anything was to get done in the preparation of the suit. As some readers may be aware, the people you interact with are just the office folks who act as a consultant between you and the actual lawyer or team of lawyers. Can’t say if that is how it is everywhere, though. First they push you to pay half of the agreed upon amount and after that they kick their boots off and act as if their job is done. Just have to keep asking and pushing for progress.

They actually told me that court fees were included and then when it came time to pay I asked for that to be put on the receipt. But that was “not possible” because it was an extra fee to be paid when the court accepts the case. How about not lying then, that might help your reputation a bit…

After finally meeting with the lawyer who filed the case and consequently took us to court, it had been something like 7-8 months which, I think, is quite remarkable. Note, that this was just for the meeting, getting to court took over a year.

I paid 100k THB plus court fees, which I believe was 2 % or so. Other than that I can add that the english is not very good here and their lawyers do not speak english.


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